The New Creative Artist Book-Signing
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"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford

Welcome to Books & Co
August 17, 2006

book display
Poster and book display
early arrivals
Early arrivals
more chairs, more chairs!
More chairs! More chairs!
The audience is growing.
nita's girls
Nita's girls
making small talk
Making small talk
more guests
The crowd flows into the aisles.
introduction by Renee
Renée introduces Nita
nita speaking
Nita begins her talk.
Listening to a question
Nita listens to a question.
brief talk on talent
Nita talks on "The Myth of Talent."
Janice & her drawing
Janice & her two-handed drawing.
Joan & her drawing
Joan & her two-handed drawing.
nita signing
Nita signs books.
Renee, Nita & Sharon
Renée, Nita and Sharon Kelly Roth of Books & Co.
nita signing
Signing more books

Making more small talk
having a good time
Having a good time
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