The New Creative Artist Book-Signing
Watermark Gallery, Tuckerton, New Jersey
Photos by Bob Grace

© 2006 Nita Leland

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford

Welcome to Watermark Gallery
September 10, 2006

Gallery visitors
Watermark Gallery visitors
Nita with artists
Nita talking with artists
Mikkey, Pat and gallery visitors
Mikkey, Pat and gallery visitors
Carol Freas
Carol Freas & her painting
Mikkey and painting
Mikkey Tarantino & her painting
artists in the book
(back row) June Sullivan, Mikkey Tarantino, Pat Shepherd, Carol Freas, Betsy Snope; (front row) Donna Grace, Nita Leland (author)
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Pine Shores workshop
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