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Art Studio Storage
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studio storageMost artists only dream of the ideal studio. In reality we have to make do with what is at hand or find some kind of work-alike at a flea-market or garage sale. Still, the only consideration is what works, so here are a few ideas I've gleaned from looking at other artists' studios:

  • Open bookcases for supplies, props and materials. Oh, and books.
  • Metal shelving ditto.
  • Old dressers and sideboards or hutches.
  • Stereo cabinet for palettes, sketchbooks.
  • Video storage cabinet for framing materials or miscellaneous items.
  • Computer or other desk with drawers.
  • Pegboard and hooks for tools.
  • Microwave carts for taborets, holding supplies and palettes.
  • Rolling kitchen cart with shelves
  • Stackable hardware storage boxes for paint tubes and small items.
  • Stackable Rubbermaid or Tupperware boxes for assorted items.
  • Fishing tackle boxes for paint and small items or for outdoor painting kit.
  • Canning jars for brush storage.
  • Used or unfinished kitchen cabinet base or cupboards (wide enough to put a paper or mat cutter on.
  • I couldn't find anything to substitute for a flat file for paper or slotted vertical storage for paintings. Anyone? Let's Talk
  • milk carton file boxes for filing and storing.
  • plastic shoe boxes for photographs.

Check out office supply and kitchen gadget stores for other ideas, but do your shopping at thrift shops and garage sales for the best buys. If you're like most artists, your purchase won't stay pristine for long anyway! If you have access to someone who likes to build stuff, look for an idea book on home offices for built-ins. I found one at a home building supply store.

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