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"A primitive artist is an amateur whose art sells." Grandma Moses

Nita Leland's Art Business & Marketing Book List

Caplin, Lee, et al. The Business of Art. Prentice Hall, 1998. An up-to-date review of business concerns for artists.

Cox, Mary, ed. Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market 2001. Writer's Digest, 2000. Comprehensive listing of buyers of freelance art and design updated annually.

Abbott, Susan & Barbara Webb. Fine Art Publicity: The Complete Guide for Galleries and Artists. Allworth, 1996. Timeless tips for artists who manage their own careers.

Baker, Kim & Sunny. How to Promote, Publicize & Advertise Your Growing Business: Getting the Word Out Without Spending a Fortune. John Wiley, 1992. Cost-effective ways to grow a small business.

Bacon, Mark. Do-It-Yourself Direct Marketing: Secrets for Small Business. John Wiley, 1997.

Biehl, Stewart. How to Succeed as an Artist in Your Own Home Town. North Light, 1990. Sure-fire ways to attract interest in a local art market.

Blue, Martha. Making It Legal: A Law Primer for Authors, Artists and Craftspeople. Northland, 1988. Outdated now, but still lots of good basic information.

Borden, Kay. Bulletproof News Releases: Help at Last for the Publicity Deficient. Franklin-Sarrett, 1994. Ideas, formats, all you need to get started as your own publicist.

Brommer, Gerald. Careers in Art: An Illustrated Guide. Davis, 1999. A good reference for those starting out in art careers.

Caplin, Lee. The Business of Art. Prentice Hall, 1998. Essays by experts on all areas of art business.

Chambers, Karen. Artist's Resource: The Watson-Guptill Guide to Academic Programs, Artists' Colonies & Artist-In Residence Programs, Conferences, & Workshops. Listings by state of a variety of programs for artists.

Cohen, William. The Entrepreneur & Small Business Marketing Problem Solver. Wiley, 1991. Some good marketing tips that are useful to artists, too.

Crandall, Rick. 1001 Ways to Market Your Services. Contemporary, 1998. Creative ideas for getting the word out.

Crawford, Tad. Business & Legal Forms for Authors and Self-Publishers. Allworth, 2000. Informative and practical forms and checklists.

Crawford, Tad. Business & Legal Forms for Fine Artists. Allworth, 1999. Includes gallery contracts and much more.

Crawford, Tad. Legal Guide for the Visual Artist. Allworth, 1999. What you need to know if you license or sell your work.

Davis, Sally Prince. Fine Artist's Guide to Showing & Selling Your Work. North Light, 1989. Lots of helpful tips on showing your work to the best advantage.

Duboff, Leonard. The Art Business Encyclopedia: For Artists, Collectors, Dealers, Galleries, Museums, and Their Attorneys. Allworth, 1994. A good reference of business terms.

Dunning, William. Advice to Young Artists In a Postmodern Era. Univ. of Syracuse, 1998. Prerequesites for success as an artist.

Edwards, Paul, et al. Getting Business to Come to You: A Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Attracting All the Business You Can Enjoy. Tarcher, 1998. Mostly good common- sense advice.

Edwards & Edwards. Making It on Your Own: Surviving and Thriving on the Ups and Downs of Being Your Own Boss. Tarcher, 1991. Taking the stress out of working for yourself.

Feldman, Elaine. Writer's Guide to Self-Promotion & Publicity. Writer's Digest, 1990. Lots of tips for writers (and artists, too!).

Foster & Shook. Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks. John Wiley, 1993. A complete guide to protecting your rights to your intellectual property.

Friedman, Susan. Exhibiting at Trade Shows. Crisp, 1992. Step-by-step guide for shows and exhibitions.

Gardner, Elizabeth B. Arts & Crafts Careers. VGM, 1998. Good guide for starting out.

Grant, Daniel. The Artist's Resource Handbook. Allworth, 1994. Funding, art colonies, safety tips and more.

Grode, Susan, ed. The Visual Artist's Manual: A Practical Guide to Your Career. Doubleday, 1984. Some good tips on the business of being a visual artist.

Hiam, Alexander. Marketing for Dummies. IDG, 1997. Don't knock it--the Dummies books cut right to the chase.

Holtz, Herman. Marketing Without Money. Scott Foresman, 1991. More cost-effective ways to work your art marketing.

Innis, W. Joe. How to Become a Famous Artist & Still Paint Pictures. Eakin, 1994. One artist's successful techniques for self-promotion.

Kennedy, Daniel. The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Find Your Most Promotable Competitive Edge, Turn It into a Powerful Marketing Message, and Deliver It to the Right Prospects. A plan for marketing success.

Kunitz, Stanley. Artists Communities: A Directory of Residencies in the United States Offering Time & Space for Creativity . Allworth, 1996. Good resource. Excellent guide to art colonies and artist-in-residence programs.

Leland, Caryn. Licensing Art & Design. Allworth, 1995. Good guide to licensing art products.

Levinson, Jay. Guerrilla Marketing Online: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Earning Profits on the Internet. The Guerrilla Guru gives tips and tricks for e-marketing.

Margolin, Judith. Individual's Guide to Grants. Plenum, 1983. Information on grant-writing and how and where to apply.

Mathiesen, Michael. Marketing On the Internet. Maximum, 1995. A 12-Step Plan for promoting, selling, & delivering your products and services to millions over the Internet.

Parkhurst, William. How to Get Publicity & Make the Most of It Once You've Got It. Harper, 2000. Update of a business classic.

Persky, Robert. The Artist's Guide to Getting & Having a Successful Exhibition. Consultant, 1985. All the steps you need to pull it off.

Phillips, Michael, et al. Marketing Without Advertising Nolo, 1998. Low-cost ways of promoting your art business.

Reeve, James K. The Art of Showing Art. Council Oaks, 1992. Useful for collectors, galleries and exhibitions.

Rudd, Eric The Art Studio/Loft Manual for Ambitious Artists and Creators. Cire, 2001. How to acquire and renovate loft spaces that enable you to work larger and better for a more satisfying art career.

Rudd, Eric The Art World Dream: Alternative Strategies for Working Artists. Cire, 2001. An artist describes the tough road to becoming successful in the art world.

Sterne, Jim. World Wide Web Marketing. John Wiley, 1995. Integrating the Web Into Your Marketing Strategy.

Tiernan, Bernadette. e-tailing. Dearborn, 2000. Excellent overview of the Web scene for small business.

Viders, Sue & Urania Tarbet. The Artist's Organizer for 2005. An Art Marketing Series planner system for artists.

Viders, Sue. Producing & Marketing Prints. ColorQ, 1992. A great step-by-step guide for marketing your art.

Villani, John. 100 Best Small Art Towns in America: Discover Creative Communities, Fresh Air, & Affordable Living. John Muir, 1998. Read this before you relocate.

Whitmyer, Claude, et al. Running a One-Person Business. Ten Speed, 1994. Helpful to professional artists who work alone.

Wilson, Lee. Make It Legal: For Artists, Illustrators and Designers. Allworth, 1990. Outdated, but has some good basic information on copyright, trademark, libel law, privacy and publicity rights.

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