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"Why should beauty be suspect?" Auguste Renoir

Nita Leland's Art History Book List

Arthur, John. Realist Drawings and Watercolors: Contemporary American Works on Paper. New York Graphics Society, 1980. Interesting and varied collection of works by leading artists of the time.

Barnes Foundation. Great French Paintings from the Barnes Foundation: Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Early Modern. Knopf, 1995. A magnificent collection and its wonderful story.

Birren, Faber. History of Color In Painting With New Principles of Color Expression. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1965. Good basic history of color.

Blunden, Maria & Godfrey. Impressionists and Impressionism. Skira, 1970. Beautifully illustrated collection.

Brett, Bernard. A History of Watercolor. Excalibur, 1984. From prehistoric cave paintings to the Abstract Expressionists. Fascinating history of my favorite medium.

Chadwick, Whitney. Women, Art and Society (rev). Thames & Hudson, 1997. Women artists since the Middle Ages.

Chaet, Bernard. The Art of Drawing. Harcourt, 1983. Beautifully illustrated with lessons from drawings of the Masters.

Clark, Kenneth. The Romantic Rebellion: Romantic Versus Classic Art. Harper & Row, 1973. From David to Rodin, struggles with the French Academy.

Clark, Kenneth. Landscape Into Art. Harper & Row, 1976. The transformation of nature by artists.

Clay, Jean. Modern Art: 1890-1918. Chartwell, 1978. A well illustrated history of the beginning of modern art.

Cogniat, Raymond. The Century of the Impressionists. Crown, 1967. From J.M.W. Turner to Winslow Homer.

Cole, Alison. Color: A Visual History of Color from Its Ancient Beginnings to the Works of Modern Masters. Dorling Kindersly, 1993. Well-illustrated historical information on color in art.

Crook & Learner. Impact of Modern Paints. Watson-Guptill, 2000. How paint chemistry and the advent of acrylics influenced 20th century painters.

Davidson, Abraham. The Story of American Painting. Abrams, n.d. From the limners to the Abstract Expressionists.

Eldredge, Charles, et al. Art in New Mexico 1900-1945: Paths to Taos and Santa Fe. American Art, 1987. Exhibition catalogue of fine examples of early Southwestern art.

Ferrier & Le Pichon. Art of Our Century: The Chronicle of Western Art, 1900 to the Present. 1999. Encyclopedia of painting, sculpture and architecture of the 20th century.

Freeman, Judi, et al. The Fauve Landscape. Abbeville, 1990. A beautiful and well-written book on one of the most colorful periods of twentieth-century art.

Gablik, Suzi. The Reenchantment of Art. Thames & Hudson, 1992. A peculiar slant on contemporary conceptual and environmental art.

Gage, John. Color and Culture:Practice and Meaning From Antiquity to Abstraction. University of California, 1999. Very interesting book on the history and symbolism of color.

Gage, John. Color and Meaning: Art, Science and Symbolism. University of California, 1999. Another comprehensive study on color from science to psychology and cultural interpretation.

Gombrich, E.H.. Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation. Princeton, 1984. History and psychology of representational art.

Goodrich, Lloyd. The Artist in America: Three Centuries of American Art. Norton, 1967. From Native American art to the late 60s.

Hoopes, Donelson. American Watercolor Painting. Watson-Guptill, 1977. From the early 19th century to mid-1970s.

Haden-Guest, Anthony. True Colors: The Real Life of the Art World. Atlantic, 1998. Shocking book on the Post-Modern art culture.

Highwater, Jamake. Song From the Earth: American Indian Painting. NYGS, 1976. Tradition in Native American art.

Hill, Rick. Creativity Is Our Tradition: Three Decades of Contemporary Indian Art. Institute of the American Indian, 1992. Beautiful collection of Native American Art.

Hoving, Thomas. Art for Dummies. IDG, 1999. Amazingly informative and entertaining, as well.

Hoving, Thomas. False Impressions: The Hunt for Big-Time Art Fakes. Touchstone, 1997. Entertaining revelation of art scams.

Hughes, Robert. Master Paintings: The Phillips Collection. Phillips, 1998. A beautiful collection and interesting history of the collector, Duncan Phillips.

Hughes, Robert. The Shock of the New. McGraw Hill, 1991. Modern art from Cézanne to Frank Stella.

Jacka & Jacka. Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Indian Art and Its Evolution. Northland, 1988. Excellent presentation of Native American art.

Janson, Anthony. History of Art. Abrams, 1999. One of the leading art history references.

Kenin, Richard. The Art of Drawing: From the Dawn of History to the Era of the Impressionists. Paddington, 1974. Great examples from the British Museum.

Lieberman, William S. Masterpieces of Modern Art: The Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection. Hudson Hills, 1981. A beautifully illustrated collection.

Lippard, Lucy. Overlay: Contemporary Art & the Art of Prehistory. New Press, 1995. A look at spiritual connections between prehistoric and contemporary conceptual art.

Lipsey, Roger. An Art of Our Own: The Spiritual in Twentieth-Century Art. Shambhala, 1997. A compelling history of art and ideas.

Lipton, Eunice. Alias Olympia: A Woman's Search for Manet's Notorious Model & Her Own Desire. Cornell, 1999. A fictionalized story of the woman who posed for Manet's famous painting.

Marks, Claude. From the Sketchbooks of the Great Artists. Thomas Crown, 1972. Instructive drawings from the Masters.

Mayer, Ralph. The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques. Fifth ed. Viking, 1991. A technical reference all serious artists should be familiar with.

Metzger, Phil. The Artist's Illustrated Encylopedia: Techniques, Materials & Terms. North Light, 2001. A comprehensive reference, lavishly illustrated with contemporary art works, photographs and charts.

Monthan, Guy & Doris. Art and Indian Individualists. Northland, 1975. The art of seventeen contemporary southwestern artists and craftsmen.

Nelson, Mary Carroll. The Legendary Artists of Taos. Watson-Guptill, 1980. Fascinating story of the Taos art colony, the artists and their work.

Read, Herbert. A Concise History of Modern Painting. Thames & Hudson, 1991. Excellent coverage of the modern era from Cézanne to Diebenkorn.

Remer, Abby. Enduring Visions. Davis, 2001. Women's artistic heritage around the world.

Rewald, John. Studies in Post-Impressionism. Abrams, 1986. Theo van Gogh, Seurat, Gauguin, Redon, van Gogh and the Fauves--some little-known facts and stories.

Reynolds, Graham. Watercolors: A Concise History. Thames & Hudson, 1986. European, British and American watercolors up to Wyeth and O'Keeffe.

Rodari, Florian. Collage: Pasted, Cut, and Torn Papers. Rizzoli, 1988. Collage history--wonderful book on paper collage.

Ruspoli, Mario. The Cave of Lascaux: The Final Photographs. Abrams, 1986. Documents the prehistoric cave paintings in France before they were sealed from public view.

Schama, Simon. The Power of Art. The powerful stories of eight great artists, beginning with Caravaggio, and including Bernini, Rembrandt, David, Turner, van Gogh, Picasso, Rothko.

Shand-Tucci, Douglass The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner. Harper Collins, 1997. Good story, hard to read.

Shattuck, Roger. The Banquet Years: The Origins of the Avant Garde in France, 1885 to World War I. Random House, 1979. A wonderful read.

Sirak Collection. Impressionism and European Modernism. Columbus Museum of Art, 1992. Exhibition catalogue of a beautiful collection.

Skolnik, Arnold. Paintings of the Southwest. Clarkson Potter, 1994. Generations of painters have expressed the magnificence of the Southwest.

Tansy, Richard, et al. Gardner's Art Through the Ages. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1995. A leading art history text, very comprehensive.

Tagget & Schwarz. Paintbrushes and Pistols. Muir, 1990. The story of how railroads and artists got together to sell the West--the Taos Artists Society.

Tuchman, Maurice, et al. The Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985. Abbeville, 1999. 17 provocative essays on the spiritual content of abstract art.

Tucker, Michael. Dreaming With Open Eyes. HarperCollins, 1992. The shamanic spirit in twentieth-century art and culture.

Walker, John . Armand Hammer Collection: Five Centuries of Masterpieces.. Armand Hammer Foundation, 1981. Lavishly illustrated fabulous collection.

Walker, John. National Gallery of Art. Abrams, n.d. Selected works from a fabulous collection.

Wescher, Herta. Collage. Abrams, 1968. A wonderful, extensive history of collage.

Whitford, Frank. Understanding Abstract Art. E. P. Dutton, 1987. Development and practice of abstract painting.

Wolfram, Eddie. History of Collage: An Anthology of Collage, Assemblage and Event Structures. Macmillan, 1975. A classic on collage, hard to find.

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