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"Our personal growth can fuel our photography and our photography can fuel our personal growth." Brooks Jensen

Nita Leland's Photography Book List

Ang, Tom. The Art of Digital Photography. Amphoto, 1999. Information on cameras (now outdated), scanning techniques and digital darkroom. Shows the work of several photographers using the techniques. Bihalji-Merin, Oto. Great Masks. Abrams, 1972. Terrific photos of masks around the world and throughout time.

Busselle, Michael. Expert Techniques for Creative Photography. Writer's Digest, 1992. Lots of ideas for creative composition and subject. Not a technical manual. An oldie but goodie.

Carucci, John. The New Media Guide to Creative Photography. Amphoto, 1998. Image capture in the digital age. Outdated as to equipment, but has some interesting techniques. I hope they update this one.

Dennison, et al. Producing a First-Class Video for Your Business.. Self-Counsel, 1992. Step-by-step guide for planning and producing a video.

Drager, Kerry. Scenic Photography 101. Amphoto, 1999. Good coverage of techniques for specific site characteristics. Not much camera information, but I don't miss it. Great photos.

McClelland, Deke and Katrin Eismann. Real World Digital Photography. Very good on the technical side, not just bells and whistles. A lot on how the camera works and basic techniques for digital darkroom.

Georges, Gregory. 50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques. Hungry Minds, 2001. Very handy guide for the non-professional. A great way to get started and get creative. (Uses Photoshop Elements.)CD included.

Greene, Sandi. Seeing Evangeline. Bayeux Arts, Inc., 2005. A magical trip into the fairy realm, seeing faces and figures in plants drying in the garden.

Gross & Shapiro. Tao of Photography. Ten Speed, 2001. A remarkable blend of Taoist philosophy and black-and-white photography.

Hart, Russell. Photographing Your Artwork. Northlight, 2000. My bible for photographing my watercolors and collages. A step-by-step guide to taking high quality slides at an affordable price.

Hedgecoe, John. Complete Guide to Photography. Sterling, 1995. A step-by-step course, but technical information is outdated. Good information, though, on subject, composition, etc.

Hill, Martha and Art Wolfe (photographer). The Art of Photographing Nature. Three Rivers Press, 1993. Spectacular photographs illustrate the text jam-packed with information on design, color, light, and creativity with camera features.

Lange, Joseph. How to Photograph Landscapes. Stackpole, 1998. Excellent instruction on landscape photography, especially in the Southwest.

Nichols, Clive. Photographing Plants & Gardens. David & Charles, 1998. Spectacular photos accompanied by technical information on photographic equipment and techniques for photographing gardens and plants.

Patterson, Freeman. Photography and the Art of Seeing. Key Porter, 1989. An excellent book on composing from nature.

Patterson, Freeman. Shadow Light. HarperCollins, 1996. Life of a fantastic photographer with wonderful examples of his work.

Rowell, Galen. Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape. Yolla Bolly, 1986. Magnificent photograph art of mountains around the world.

Sadun, Erica. Digital Photography: I didn't know you could do that... Sybex, 2000. Techniques and projects--a fun, useful book. CD included.

Shaw, John. Closeups in Nature. Amphoto, 1987. Effective use of close-up equipment in the field. Great photos.

Shaw, John. Nature Photography Field Guide. Amphoto, 2000. Mostly a technical guide to buying and using equipment. Great photos.

Wignal, Jeff. The Joy of Digital Photography. Lark Books, 2005. Comprehensive coverage of digital photography, very user friendly and not overly technical.

Zuckerman, Jim. Secrets of Color in Photography. Writer's Digest Books, 1998. Color, light, film, and digital manipulation of color, accompanied by great photos.

Zuckerman, Jim. Techniques of Natural Light Photography. Writer's Digest Books, 1996. Sensational outdoor photography at different times of the day.

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