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Alphabet of Art
Art History Online Resources from Chris Witcombe, Sweet Briar College
Artchive a fantastic resource by Mark Harden
Artcyclopedia very nice research site
The Artists Bluebook
Asian papers from TrueArt
ArtLex Visual Arts Dictionary
Bible Gateway to search for passages in any one of seventeen translations and thirty languages
Chicago Manual of Style style reference for writers
Colour Order Systems
The Literature Network
Masters of Photography
New York Public Library Picture Collection Online
Pigments Through the Ages
Post Modernism & Art History John Haber's gallery reviews
TrueArt information on art materials
Visual Thesaurus Online
Web Exhibits information on many art-related subjects
White Balance and Color Temperature in Digital Photography from Apogee Photo Magazine
Wikipedia the living encyclopedia
Wise Geek Clear answers to common questions
WorldCat Libraries search 10,000 libraries for books


Women Artists in History

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