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"Collage makes poetry with the fragments of dailiness." Donald Kuspit

Nita Leland's Collage & Paper Arts Book List

Ades, Dawn. Photomontage. Thames & Hudson, 1986. History and examples of manipulating photographs to make a statement in art.

Atkinson, Jennifer. Collage Art: The Step-By-Step Guide & Showcase. Rockport, 1996. Some fine examples of collage art.

Bisbort, Alan, Barry Kite. Sunday Afternoon, Looking for the Car: The Aberrant Art of Barry Kite . Pomegranate, 1995. Clever collages, well done.

Brigadier, Anne. Collage: A Complete Guide for Artists. Watson-Guptill, 1970. An oldie but goodie, lots of examples of textured surfaces.

Brommer, Gerald. The Art of Collage. Davis, 1978. Excellent examples of student and professional collage art.

Brommer, Gerald. Collage Techniques: A Guide for Artists & Illustrators. Watson-Guptill, 1994. Good examples of contemporary collage.

Brommer, Gerald. Watercolor & Collage Workshop. Watson-Guptill, 1986. Primarily watercolor and rice-paper collage techniques--excellent book.

Brown, Michael & Phil Metzger. Realistic Collage Step-by-Step. North Light, 1998. Colorful examples of Brown's realistic paper collage style.

Browning, Marie. Hand Decorating Paper. New York: Sterling, 2002. Easy techniques for faux textures on paper plus projects.

Chambers, Anne. A Guide to Making Decorated Papers. Thames & Hudson, 1989. Beautiful examples of many different techniques with instructions.

Chambers, Anne. The Practical Guide to Marbling Paper. Thames & Hudson, 1989. Very informative marbling book.

Chambers, Anne. Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling: A Practical Guide. Thames & Hudson, 1991. Wonderful book on this fascinating, yet simple technique.

Christensen, J.A. Cut Art: An Introduction to Chung-Hua and Kiri-E. Watson-Guptill, 1989. Instruction in ancient Japanese arts.

Cohen & Cohen. Marbling On Fabric. Interweave, 1990. Materials, processes and projects.

Digby, Joan & John. The Collage Handbook. Thames & Hudson, 1985. Good information on conservation techniques for collage materials. Illustrations and techniques of different artists.

Gruening, Dee. The Great Rubber Stamp Book. Thames & Sterling, 1997. How to design, make and use your own stamps.

Ferry, David. Painting Without a Brush. Wellfleet, 1991. Try some unusual techniques.

Hartley, Ann, ed. Bridging Time & Space: Essays on the Art of Layering. Markowitz SLMM, 1998. A book on the spiritual aspect of painting with illustrations by contemporary artists.

Harrison, Holly & Paula Gradsal. Collage for the Soul. Rockport, 2003. Using items & symbols that have personal significance in your collage art.

Heller, Jules. Papermaking: How to Make Handmade Paper for Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, Relief and Cast Forms, Book Arts, and Mixed Media. Watson-Guptill, 1997. Comprehensive papermaking reference.

Hoffmann, Katherine. Collage: Critical Views. UMI Research, 1989. Aesthetics of collage throughout its history.

Janis, Harriet & Rudy Blesh. Collage Personalities, Concepts & Techniques. Chilton, 1967. Another fine book on the aesthetics and techniques of collage.

La Plantz, Shereen. Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals & Albums. Sterling, 1998. Handmade artists' books--the best guide.

Larbalestier, Simon. The Art and Craft of Collage. Chronicle, 1990. Wonderful examples of different techniques and unusual materials.

Leland, Nita. New Creative Collage Techniques: How to make original art using paper, color and texture. North Light, 2011. Expanded, updated version of the best book on collage. Page after page of information on techniques, step-by-step demos and wonderful examples of art collage in a stay-flat coil binding. More details here.

Maurer, Diane. Marbling: A Complete Guide to Creating Beautiful Patterned Papers and Fabrics. Friedman/Fairfax, 1994. Another great book on marbling--lots of projects.

Maurer, Diane. Paper Art: The Complete Guide to Papercraft Techniques. Watson-Guptill, 1997. Many more paper techniques: making, decorating and crafting paper objects.

Mayer, Ralph. The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques. Fifth ed. Viking, 1991. A technical reference all serious artists should be familiar with.

Medieros, Wendy. Marbling Techniques: How to Create Traditional and Contemporary Designs on Paper and Fabric. Watson-Guptill, 1994. Some new and traditional ideas for using marbling.

Metzger, Phil. The Artist's Illustrated Encylopedia: Techniques, Materials & Terms. North Light, 2001. A comprehensive reference, lavishly illustrated with contemporary art works, photographs and charts.

Perrella, Lynne. Alphabetica. Gloucester: Quarry Books, 2006. Fun techniques for book and word arts and collage.

Richardson, Maureen. Grow Your Own Paper. Martingale, 1999. Recipes for creating unique handmade papers from natural materials--an elegant book.

Rodari, Florian. Collage: Pasted, Cut, and Torn Papers. Rizzoli, 1988. Collage history--wonderful book on paper collage.

Rothamel, Susan Pickering. The Art of Paper Collage. Sterling/Chapelle, 2008. Emphasis on archival procedures and materials, examples of collage art.

Rothamel, Susan Pickering. The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques. 2008. Emphasis on small format techniques, applicable to crafts and fine art.

Rothamel, Susan Pickering. The Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking Tools and Techniques. Sterling/Chapelle, 2005. Archival procedures and materials, great history of scrapbooking.

Scheffler, Carol. Crafting With Stickers. Sterling, 2004. Creative possibilities of making your own stickers and using them in unusual ways.

Shannon, Faith. The Art and Craft of Paper. Mitchell Beazley, 1994. A wonderful book on paper techniques, previously published as Paper Pleasures.

Stevens, Clive. Paper Craft School. Reader's Digest, 1996. Lots of ideas for paper projects, tools and techniques.

Striebling, Mary Lou. Art From Found Materials. Crown, 1970. Recycling discarded and natural materials into art; techniques, design and inspiration.

Studley, Vance. The Art & Craft of Handmade Paper. Dover, 1990. A basic book with some good information: history, materials, techniques, projects.

Talbot, Jonathan. Collage: A New Approach. Jonathan Talbot, 2001. Collage without liquid adhesives.

Weinberg, Suze. The Art of Rubber Stamping. Sterling, 2001. Elegant projects and techniques with lots of examples and product resources.

Welch, Nancy. Creative Paper Art: Techniques for Transforming the Surface. Sterling, 1999. Great tips and tricks with paper.

Wescher, Herta. Collage. Abrams, 1968. A wonderful, extensive history of collage.

Wolfram, Eddie. History of Collage: An Anthology of Collage, Assemblage and Event Structures. Macmillan, 1975. A classic on collage, hard to find.

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