"No other creative medium is so accessible to people of all ages and skill levels."
from New Creative Collage Techniques


New Creative Collage Techniques:
How to make original art using paper, color and texture


New Creative Collage Techniques book

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New Creative Collage Techniques eBook

Nita Leland has updated, expanded, reorganized and rewritten this collage classic. New Creative Collage Techniques includes 60 projects, the work of 60 artists, and 7 demonstrations, plus detailed instruction, quick tips, charts and glossaries. This book contains all you need to know to start in collage, refine your techniques and learn experimental processes, such as making unusual papers and one-of-a-kind surfaces for watercolor and acrylic painting.

  • Whether you're a newbie or an experienced artist looking for something different, jump right in with beginning projects, and in no time you'll work up to advanced techniques.
  • Make striking collages with a wide range of materials and mediums.
  • Learn to use color and design for collages with impact.
  • New Creative Collage Techniques helps teacher's find easy projects for young children and challenging ones for serious students.
You can create:
  • Compelling collage designs using decorative and ready-made papers
  • Mixed-media collages combining acrylics, watercolor, rice paper and more
  • Compositions featuring textured backgrounds made from paper, paint, natural materials and other collage materials
  • Your own hand made paper, artfully arranged to form collages that are uniquely yours
  • Collages that stand the test of time through the use of archival materials and techniques

Experiment. Be Creative. Have fun. You're a collage artist! With this guide, you'll have everything to get started.

Readers say:
"The new book is a fantastic, rich resource! Anyone who works with paper would want to have it in their library.
"This book provides so many creative techniques and much inspiration."
"The text is informative and professional, as well as easy to understand."
"The book has a user friendly format with the stay-flat ring binding."
"Your collage book has become The Artists' Bible for me and my friends."



Paper Collage Techniques Video
paper collage DVD
Paper Collage Techniques with Nita Leland Video Download
Paper Collage Techniques video by Nita Leland establishes a solid foundation for paper-collage artists, providing the information you need to get started in fine art collage. Here are some of the topics packed into this 36-minute video:

  • Setting up your collage work space.
  • Using the right materials and methods.
  • Choosing and testing collage papers.
  • Encasing papers and other materials.
  • Preparing laminated and overlaid supports for collages.
  • Starting a bas relief collage...and much more

Collage Art Techniques Video
Collage Art Techniques Video
Collage Art Techniques with Nita Leland Video Download
Based on Nita Leland's book, New Creative Collage Techniques, Collage Art Techniques Video covers a wide range of techniques for collage artists at all skill levels, with equal emphasis on fine art and fun art collage. You will learn to manipulate a variety of tools and materials, such as brayers, found objects, crystalline and brayer papers, and to explore water media in new ways to create faux textures and sculptural effects. This 75-minute video workshop will guide you step by step through a variety of mixed-media collage techniques and show you how to use them to create a vibrant collage. This Video offers premier art instruction to help you create original, expressive collage art.


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