"The way to learn to draw is to draw everything, everywhere." Edgar Whitney

Drawing Questions

Q. I don't have a place nearby to take drawing. Can I teach myself to draw?
A. Yes, you can, especially with the help of a wonderful book: The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence by Betty Edwards. I've seen amazing results in students who worked through this book. Many examples are shown in the book, too. Once you understand the principles, the key word is "practice."

Q. How can I transfer my drawing to a paper or canvas support?
A. It's easiest if you make your drawing the same size as your support. Simply rub the back of the drawing with a soft graphite pencil to create a transfer paper. Set the graphite by wiping a cotton ball dampened with rubbing alcohol lightly over the back of the drawing. Turn the drawing over and tape to the canvas or paper. Use a colored pencil to trace your drawing so you'll know which lines you've already traced.

Q. What are the different kinds of light to look for in a subject?
A. Set up a simple object in direct sunlight and look for the following:

  • highlight: the lightest area, touched directly by the source of light; sometimes reflects pure white regardless of the color of the object
  • light: the area facing the source of light, usually reflects the actual color of the object
  • half light: the area where the form begins to turn away from the light
  • shade: the area on the form that is completely turned away from the light
  • shadow: the unlit area created where the form blocks out the light on another surface.
  • reflected light: areas where bounced light from nearby areas influences color.
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