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Creative artists love new art projects and are always inventing different ways of doing things. Here are some nifty ideas, plus a few fun techniques from my watercolor, exploring color, creativity and collage workshops. See if you can find an idea to use in your artwork.

Color Drawing Collage
Painting With Three Colors Drawing With Two Hands Magazine Collage
Using a Limited Palette Doodles With a Difference Working With Rice Paper
Create a Mood with Color Distortion in Drawing Nature Collage
Using a Basic Palette  
Testing for Transparency    

Design Technique Miscellaneous
Value Contrast Palette Print Line & Color
Composing with a Viewfinder Inventing Art Materials Change One Thing
Point-of-View Wax Resist  
Understanding Design Styles Printing Textures
Demo: Painting Glow
Watercolor & Ink
Suminagashi--Japanese marbling

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