"Colors are forces, radiant energies, that affect us positively or negatively, whether we are aware of it or not." Johannes Itten

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Causes of Color Web Exhibits
Color Association of the United States
Color Chart links from Bill Murphy
Color Cube puzzle
Color in Nature: Waves
Color Marketing Group
Color Order Systems
Color Quiz similar to the Luscher Color Test
Color Scheme Designer
The Color Schemer color wheel
Color Theory Tutorial
Color Voodoo Publications ebooks about color
CSS Color Chart for web colors
Don Jusko's "Real Color Wheel."
eclogo Articles     Projects     Book

Free Color Lessons illustrator Mark Mitchell
Handprint.com guide to watercolors
Studio Mara History of Pigments
History of the Color Wheel blog
Infohound Color Schemer by Jonathan Hedley
Lighthouse International Effective color contrasts for partial sight and color deficiencies
Mixing Greens by Artezan
Mixing with Ivory Black
A Mindful Life A blog: Color My World
Pigments Through the Ages
The Science of Vision and the Emergence of Modern Art
Studio Mara History of Pigments
Virtual Colour Museum
Web Designer's Color Reference Poster
Wet Canvas tutorials and essays on color
Website Tips on color theory
Wet Canvas tutorials and essays on color
Wikipedia on color theory

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