"Art is not a handicraft. It is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced." Leo Tolstoy

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Abstract Art How to Paint Abstract Art
Adam McDaniel illustration techniques
Alishia's Stencils stenciling techniques on walls, furniture and fabric
All Things Watercolor, Woody Hansen
Artiful Painting Demos by Sandrine Pellisier
Art Lessons, John Hagan

eclogo Art Projects

Build Your Own Easel
Calligraphy Learning Center history and techniques
Colored Pencil e-Magazine (Ann Kullberg)
computer scrapbooking
Daniel Smith Art Tutorials
Dawn's Brain blog collage self-portrait project
Fountain Studio Watercolor Site
Handprint.com extensive watercolor information
How to Paint Brass and Magnolias by Susan Martin Spar
How to Paint the Color of Shadows
Mixing Greens by Artezan
Mixing with Ivory Black
Paintdoodles Interactive CD on watercolor painting
Painting Know-how from About.com
Paint Tutorials a resource-rich site by Sanders Studios
Palettes & Techniques of the Masters
Scrapbooking Techniques
Scrapbook Place
Sizing canvas and paper
Sketch Heroes Fun drawing projects
This-to-That guide to glueing anything
Water Works
Bigbrush.com free watercolor lesson
Watercolor Lessons free!
Watercolor lessons from Rod Webb free online lessons
Watercolor Lessons from John Lovett
Watercolor Painting resources
Watercolor Painting and Projects Tutorials and tips on watercolor techniques
Watercolor Online
How to Use Watercolor Pencils from About.com
Watercolor Pencils from WiseGeek
Watercolor Studio Workshop by John Lovett
Watercolour Tips From Peter Saw
Water Mixable Oils by Robert Bissett

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