Creating Confident Color Video

creating confident color dvd
In Creating Confident Color Workshop video, based on Nita Leland's popular Confident Color book, you'll find a fun, easy way to learn and teach practical color theory. Paint along with this information-packed video in the comfort of your home at your own speed with no workshop pressure. The lessons can be used for all media and skill levels from beginners to advanced.

This video is an hour long and jam-packed with helpful hints on color mixing, color harmony, color schemes and more. Demos are in watercolor, but principles apply to most media. Adapt the principles to your own medium, building a solid foundation of color knowledge.

No more mud!

  • Learn the most important properties of color.
  • Understand color theory like you never have before.
  • Master split-primary color mixing and mix colors easily and accurately.
  • Learn about Color Harmony, Expanded Palettes, Color Schemes...and more.


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