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creative art class dvd
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In Creative Art Class DVD, based on Nita Leland's popular The New Creative Artist book and her many workshops for art groups and trade shows, you'll find many fun, easy ways to develop and strengthen your natural curiosity, flexibility, independence and playfulness so you can become the artist you've always wanted to be. Follow along with this information-packed DVD in the comfort of your home at your own speed with no workshop pressure. Nita Leland's inspirational exercises help you to understand the creative process and to explore and expand your artistic boundaries to achieve creative success. The lessons include several media and all skill levels from beginners to advanced. Learn techniques for breaking artistic blocks, working with color and composition and moving from realism to abstration.

This DVD is jam-packed with 100 minutes of premier art instruction. Use your favorite art materials, including pencil, watercolor, acrylic, collage and more.

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