"If you love color, you can unlock its secrets--if you work at it. Color can be learned."

Exploring Color Workshop: 30th Anniversary Edition with New Exercises, Lessons and Demonstrations


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Exploring Color Workshop by Nita Leland is an expanded and updated version of Exploring Color Revised. Packed with information, illustrations, 90 exercises and art by 58 artists, plus 8 step-by-step demonstrations, Exploring Color Workshop will help you master the intricacies of color. For all media and skill levels this book, used by many artists and art teachers, will be your constant companion for color ideas and easy reference with an illustated color glossary and ASTM Color Index chart. Dynamic personal color choices will make your work stand out.

If you are an artist or a crafter at any level of expertise you simply must have this book (Exploring Color) on your reference shelf. Somerset Studio Magazine

  • Learn to test paints for transparency, intensity and tinting strength.
  • Mix the color you want every time with the split-primary color-mixing system.
  • Mix livelier, more exciting colors for every painting.
  • Develop your own unique personal palette with color triads.
  • Plan with color schemes and eliminate trial and error.
  • Learn to use color contrasts effectively.
  • Understand how to put the principles of color design to work.
  • For more on color, please see Confident Color.
Readers say about Exploring Color books:
"This is the most comprehensive book I've seen to date on color."
"You have made this book so useful, as well as inspiring."
"The illustrations are wonderful and the text most clear and informative."
"The most helpful book on color in print."
"This one is not for the bookshelf, it's for the worktable."

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