"A playful attitude is fundamental to creative thinking." Roger von Oech

Play With Line & Color
© 1999 Nita Leland
Use these exercises to loosen up before you paint, or to develop your eye for design and color. Draw a rectangle in your sketchbook about 4" x 6", then close your eyes and let your pencil or pen scribble a continuous line, criss-crossing the page. Don't try to stay within the rectangle. Open your eyes and color in the shapes formed by the intersections of lines. Combine several shapes if you want to. In pencil (above) you can shade values from light to dark. With pen or marker (below) make value gradations by cross-hatching or stippling. Repeat patterns and values, and color some of your scribble drawings. line and color drawing
From The New Creative Artist. pp. 84, 131.

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