"Painting is easy: all you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood start to form on your forehead." Gene Fowler (paraphrased)

Making Palette Prints
© 1998 Nita Leland

Do you ever wish you could preserve the way colors look on your wet palette? You can save those palette mixtures by making a monotype with watercolors from your wet palette. Use a slightly damp piece of paper--watercolor paper, rice paper, drawing paper, whatever is at hand. Holding the paper at diagonal corners, place one corner on the palette and roll the paper down to the other corner. This helps to prevent air bubbles in the print. Pat gently or roll a soft rubber brayer over the back of the paper from the center out. Then pull up the paper, again with a diagonal movement. The result is an imprint of the colors on the palette. Sometimes there's enough color left to make a second print, called a ghost print. When the print is dry, you can paint back into it or file it with your collage papers for future use.

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palette print on rice paper
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