"The beautiful is as useful as the useful. Perhaps more so." Victor Hugo

Mirage original watercolor painting of an adobe church by Nita Leland

Mirage by Nita Leland

I flowed color freely onto a wet sheet of watercolor paper, using lots of dense pigment. My original intention for this sheet was to paint a scene of Monument Valley I had photographed. Instead I found my photograph of the Ranchos de Taos church of St. Francis in New Mexico. I realized that the accidental light areas on my paper suited this subject perfectly, so I changed my subject and painted the church as a shimmering presence. The image is also available as a print.

The painting is featured on p. 84 of Exploring Color.

To discuss the purchase of original art, please email me with your phone number or call 1-937-434-9977 and leave a message.


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